Exploring the implications of nature and manmade strategies for design ideation through a generative toolkit.

Natural and manmade things in our daily lives are embedded with ingenious solutions, each of which is tailored for specific design problems. Various tools exist for the utilization of this knowledge into design practice. This study aims to explore the integration of a card based toolkit employing these strategies in order to investigate its effects in early design process.

Place: METU ID     Year: 2014     //  MSc Thesis Project


 A card based tool – Nature Design Paradigms Card Deck – was developed and utilized in a workshop focusing on packaging design to analyze the implications of the approach. 


The conducted research illustrated that the tool supported the idea generation phase through accelerating and enhancing the process.


The thesis discusses the development, implementation and evaluation of the approach with the assessments of participants and the exercise outcomes.


The Nature Design Paradigms Card Deck is available for download here. My MSc thesis can also be downloaded in form of a presentation or full text.