Designed for the kitchens of 2025 households, planTree allows to grow organic food from seeds to plants.

The hydroponic plant cultivator system was designed for compact urban spaces where full-fledged gardens aren’t possible. The vertical system allows nutrients and water to circulate through each plant-containing pod as they trickle down. Users can have fresh, organic veggies no matter where they live.

Industry Partner: Arcelik AS     Place: METU ID     Year: 2011     //  Degree Project


 Design allows cultivation of organic food at home with less water and more efficiently, saving time and energy.


Seeds or seedlings are placed into pot-like cups that are filled with soil substitute materials such as rockwool or coco fibre. Water and nutrients are added to system, where they are circulated through plants.

Product setup is made by installing modules. Seeds or seedlings are planted. Water and nutrients are added. System is checked through its interface. Finally cultivate & enjoy!

A simple interface lets user to set up pH, moisture and light. Plants are grown and cultivated in a controlled microenvironment with water, nutrients and humidity.