Snow is a 66 meters sailing yacht concept designed with a radical approach.

Referring to classical schooner line, her elegant lines with streamlined touches combines modern design with traditional taste. With twin masts that split upon its hull and a foldable drop keel, she has enhanced performance, stability and efficient use of deck spaces. Complemented with two tenders, Snow is a new generation retro schooner for ultimate comfort and sailing experience.

Team: Nur Yildirim (ID), Hakan Gürsu, Dr (CDO)     Place: Designnobis     Year: 2013

Role: CAD Modeling (Orca 3D), Rendering, Visualization, Animation


The twin masts brings enhanced stability and significant amount of space, therefore provide flexibility in interior layout. The large multi-deck areas offer efficient usage including flybridge, upper and lower deck, and a suspended deck on top to give better control over sails. Also an additional lower deck offers extra space for crew.


Two tender boats equipped with glass panels for a panaromic view, ‘Raindrop’ and ‘Windblow’, are embedded on hull body for landing and cruising. 

Main deck consists of a multifunctional room, dining room, main hall, study, multimedia room and a stern room. Two pairs of bathrooms are placed at the front and end, two showers are available near fore which opens directly to deck. The control room is located at the flybridge deck, which also contains a skylight and deck bar.

6 single, 10 double and 2 master bedrooms are offered for guests and 12-14 cabins are available for personnel, which is enough to accommodate large groups.


Foldable drop keel enables a decrease in centerboard length from 11.7 meters to 7.2 meters. Therefore the yacht allows landing and docking even in shallow ports.


Designed as a retrospective yet modern yacht, Snow aims to contribute to the classical yacht heritage.